To book an event in the Clubhouse select a date and time slot(s) in the calendar and complete the form with the event name and your contact details. Include the homeowners name in the address box.

You are required to clean the Clubhouse after each use.  Instructions are located inside the Clubhouse along with cleaning supplies.  The Clubhouse is checked after each event to confirm cleaning, if it is not performed a cleaning fee may be assessed to the person who reserved the Clubhouse.

There is free WiFi in the Clubhouse – the password is above the kitchen sink.

The doors to the Clubhouse are on timers.  The time you specify for start time is when the door will unlock.  Likewise, the time you specify for when your event will be done and you will be out of the clubhouse is when the doors will lock. You are responsible for the Clubhouse during your reserved times.

If you have difficulty booking, contact: Cristy Furniss – or Linda Tiffany – Include your address, phone number, email, and type of event and event times desired. Thank you.


New clubhouse registrations are temporarily suspended on this website.
To book the clubhouse please contact…

Cristy Furniss –
Linda Tiffany –