To book the clubhouse please contact FCS, our property management company, at 801-256-0465 or email them at

The board revised the  price for using the clubhouse effective January 1, 2015. All rentals will have a $50 deposit. Rental fees (non-refundable) will be as follows:

1st rental of 2015: Free

2nd – 4th rentals of 2015: $25

5th and subsequent rentals of 2015: $50 and can only be booked 2 weeks in advance.

The rentals will be handled by our property management firm, FCS. After February 1st you can call them at 801-256-0465 or email them at When you reserve, your account will be charged $25 (for bookings 2, 3, and 4) and also charged for the $50 cleaning fee. You will need to complete the rental agreement, review the cleaning checklist and return the form before your reservation will be accepted by FCS (they will send you this information when you contact them). If you leave the clubhouse in great shape and well cleaned, your $50 deposit will be credited back to your account. Because FCS is contracted through homeowners, all renters will need written permission emailed from the homeowner authorizing them to reserve. (Only one authorization for the year is needed). The 4 reservations are per address.

You will be contacted via email (using the email you used to book the clubhouse) about any currently scheduled rentals through the HOA’s website’s 2015 calendar (February 1 and beyond). You’ll be asked sign the agreement, then appropriate fees will be assessed to your account. All January bookings will be added to your account as a reservation for 2015. Be sure to count that date as your “free” date.

Cancellations for the clubhouse need to be made within a week of the booked date, so other homeowners can book it and so you are not charged for the booking. Remember to only book the time you need so others can use it as well.  The door will unlock and lock based on the times you choose.  You are responsible for the clubhouse during those times.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us to maintain our great clubhouse.

Your Cranberry Farms HOA Board