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May 2015 Cranberry Farms News

Swimming Pool If you still have your key just fully fill out the pool key application and put it in the cabin drop box and your key will be activated for use.  To get a new key or a replacement for a lost key its $10 per key. Fully fill out the pool key application and put it in the cabin drop box with the $10 check attached or in an envelope (or you can call FCS, 801-256-0465, and they can take payment.  You will then be contacted when the new key is ready, which can take up to 24 hours.  You will then pick up the key at the cabin at a scheduled a time.  Make sure you are current on dues and any fines have been paid in order for your card to be activated. You are required to read the pool rules located by the pool.  In fact, we encourage you to read them each time you visit the pool...

December Board Meeting Canceled

The December 4th board meeting (usually on the first Thursday of the month at 7pm) has been canceled to allow the board members to be with their families for the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season. The next board meeting will be on January 8 (the second Thursday- so we don’t have to meet on New Years Day evening) at 7pm.  We hope you’ll join us to discuss the items that are of concern to you.  The homeowner portion is at 7pm (to 7:30). If you are interested in serving on the board, please give any of the board members your name – or email us at Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

Cleaning the Clubhouse

Homeowners, during the spring & summer months the clubhouse was not consistently cleaned well after each use. Recently, however, it was thoroughly professionally cleaned and it looks great! It’s important that everyone who books the clubhouse does their part in keeping it clean. Please make sure you review and use the checklist in the kitchen window to make sure it’s well cleaned before you leave. Unfortunately, If cleaning is not thorough, charges will be made to your account for the cleaning needed before it used by the next homeowner. Please plan time to clean before the end of your event time. It’s a WONDERFUL facility and we are fortunate to have it. It’s a great gathering place where many memories are made. Thank you for keeping it clean!

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